Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chuck's ISO concert

We were thrilled to have Mom and Dad come out to Indiana to visit to go to Chuck's concert with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

They had never seen Chuck conduct in person before!

Lenny was especially happy to see his nana. She brought him a crazy talking ball that is driving us nuts.

The Maestro himself. (We recently received a wedding invitation addressed to "Maestro and Mrs."!)

Chuck had his own dressing room for the concert. I guess that makes him a big shot. ;)

The concert was a big success. The audience was just about "sold-out" (free tickets) and Chuck had a lot of fans in the audience, many of whom came LONG distances to see and support him.

From Ohio

Chuck's grandmother

Aunt Jenny

Lincoln, Chuck, Jay

Bill, Chris, Jeff and JD

From Columbus Philharmonic

David Bowden, Director and Chuck's boss

CIP Ladies

Local friends

Our neighbor Steve

Gaye and Rob

Obama Mama Pam and her husband. She is the Monroe County coordinator for the campaign and I have been spending a lot of time with her lately. :)

Doug and Amy

Friends and colleagues from the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra

Linda Dausend (flutist)

The Cars

Catherine Marchese (bassoon)

David Canfield (Principal 2nd violin and composer)

And of course, the maestro's biggest fan.

I want to thank my mom for putting on a fabulous reception for us, a true "Barbara Russell Event." It was wonderful!

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Mary Ann said...

I love all the pictures! Congratulations to Chuck! How nice that you had so many people there to watch and celebrate with you.